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Our History


Baptist Theological College, as it stands today, has undergone several changes in nomenclature, location, and in the nature of the programs, primarily because of World War II, Naga political movement, and also because of the needs arising out of time. In some years, it had fallen into a coma, only to come back alive with greater vigor.

The College was first established on February 15, 1944 through the initiative of local Christians. It was located at Chayaba (between Chozuba and Yorüba), on a site where Tanquist once bought a plot of land for a school project. The Bible School was known as Bible School. It was under Kohima Elakha (field) and Chakhesangs were known as “Eastern Angamis” then. The main objective was to train Christian leaders to take care of newly planted local churches and to evangelize to the non-Christians. The medium of instruction was in Tenyidie. It closed down on March 18, 1944 due to the World War II. It recommenced in 1945. Mr Edisoi Rosé was one of the main teachers and the headmaster all along.

After the Chakhesangs were recognized as a separate tribe in 1946 with Phezou (Phek now) as its centre, the tribe leaders resolved to shift the Bible School to Phezou in 1948. On September 21, 1949, the Phek villagers donated a plot of land to establish the Chakhesang Baptist Church Association (now CBCC). In 1950, on April 15, the Bible School became functional in conjunction with the inauguration of the Chakhesang Baptist Church. The Bible School was named Phezou Bible School with the motto, “Labour, Love, Service”. But records show that it was also known by other names such as Bible School Phezou, Chakhesang Bible School Phezou and also Christian Bible School Phezou. But obviously it referred to the same School. It was a three years diploma course and ran from January to December. The medium of instruction was still in Tenyidie. Rev. Megousieso Savino was the headmaster of the Bible School besides being the Field Director of CBCA. He was succeeded by Pelesato Chasè in 1953 and served as both Headmaster of the School and Field Director until his sad assassination by the India army in 1956.

The Indo-Naga political conflict forced the School to close down between 1956 and 1957. From January to July 14, 1958 the Bible School was temporarily shifted to Chizami under State protection. On July 15, 1958, the School was shifted back to Phezu. In 1960, the 14th Assam Rifles occupied the Mission Centre in Phezu. Thus, on March 1, 1961, both the Mission Centre and the Bible School was permanently shifted to Pfütsero. On the appeal of the CBCC, the Tüyinumi clan of Kikruma graciously donated the present site for the ministry of the Lord. (As a mark of appreciation, the “T. Chikri” is used as part of the official address of the Mission centre till today).

With the shifting to Pfütsero, the School came to be known as Chakhesang Bible School (CBS) with the motto “Let there be Light.” Records also show its names as T. Chekri Bible School and Chakhesang Christian Baptist Bible School. The medium of instruction remained in Tenyidie. In 1975, on 5th December, the CBCC decided to upgrade its program and introduce English as a medium of instruction. Thereby, the name of the School was changed to Chakhesang Bible Institute (CBI) with the objective of preparing Christian leaders of various communities in Northeast India for the spread of the Gospel. The English medium three years diploma program was introduced in 1976. The Institute was recognized by CBCNEI in May, 1980.

Later in September 1988, the CBCC resolved to upgrade the CBI to a College level and to offer degrees with Senate of Serampore College/University (SSC/U). Consequently, the name was changed to Baptist Theological College and the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree program was officially inaugurated on July 15. The process for affiliation to SSC/U started immediately and BTC was officially recognized in 1992. Again, on July 15, 2006 the B. Th program was upgraded to Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree course. It continues to offer the same course. On December 13, 2019, the Baptist Institute for Church Music (BICuM) was inaugurated and now offers a one year Certificate in Church Music (CCM) program and other music-related trainings. The Master of Theology (MTh) in Christian Theology was officially inaugurated on June 05, 2022 by Rev Dr Prof., Wati Aier but had to be closed down on July 29, 2022. The grace of God has been leading BTC he will continue to guide BTC’s future.