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College Authority

The College has the following levels of authorities for the proper functioning and efficient administration.

  • Board of Governors:

The members of the Board of Governors are appointed by the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council for a term of three years. The Board of Governors is the highest governing body of the College. It is responsible for the appointment of administrative officers, members of the teaching faculty, staff and for the general policies of the College.

  • Administrative Officers:

(a) The Principal: The Principal is the chief administrative head of the College. He/She is responsible to the Board of Governors for all the affairs of the College including finance and development.
(b) The Vice Principal: The Vice Principal is the second administrative head of the College. S/he is responsible for all matters pertaining to academic affairs of the College.

  • College Faculty:

The College faculty is comprised of full time teaching staff. It is the executive body within the College. It has the jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to academic program, discipline of the students and general policies of internal administration.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS (January 2022- May 2025)

Mr Vevo Sapu Rtd, Director, Art and Culture, Govt. of Nagaland Chair
Mr Vekhozo Khamo Chairman, Board of Deacons CBCK Member
Mr Medozü Mero Former Vice Principal Pfutsero Govt. College Member
Rev. Dr Thepucüyi Khesoh Pastor, Phek Town Baptist Church Member
Dr Medongoi Rhakho Deputy Director, Higher Education, GoN Member
Dr Nesatalu Hiese Scientist D, NCTC, GoN Member
Rev Bonny Resu Lead Pastor, CBCD Member
Dr Chekrovei Cho-o President, CTA Member
Dr. Vekutulu L. Veyie Faculty Representative Member
Rev. Khrotso Mero Executive Secretary, CBCC Ex. Officio
Rev. Kevengoi Sakha President, CBCC Ex. Officio
Dr. Eyingbeni Humtsoe Nienu Principal & Secretary Secretary


Mr. Razoukhrü Vasa Chair
Rev. Dr. Weyiete Lohe Member
Mr. Thenucho Tunyi Member
Mr. Vekusa Lohe Member
Dr. Eyingbeni Humtsoe Nienu Principal & Secretary
Ms. Neitele Mero Treasurer
Mr. Vevo Sapu Chairman, BTC Board of Governors
Rev. Khrotso Mero Executive Secretary